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Whether you're looking for full-time, part-time, or temporary employment, PC Staffing can help.  We focus on placements ranging from light industrial wand warehouse to administrative assistants and office managers.

Matching qualified candidates with employment opportunities can be time-consuming and costly to companies, and overwhelming for individuals.  PC Staffing has invested a considerable amount of effort to enable our staff to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our clients and employees.  For our clients, we have the capability to find the employee you need and want, and for our candidates, we have the opportunity for which you have been searching.



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Searching For Qualified People

Should you choose our service, we will recruit, test, interview, and pre-screen applicants whose qualifications match your needs.

We tailor our recruiting efforts to meet your individual needs.  Our methods include job fairs, public relation activities, presentations at educational institutions, the internet, and, our most effective recruiting method, personal referrals.

PC Staffing conducts an in-depth interview and screening process with each applicant to assess abilities, goals, motivation, attitude, training, and work experience. PC Staffing will conduct criminal background checks as well as drug for all applicants.

During the interview, we ask each applicant to authorize a letter of referral to two previous employers.  We assure the employer confidentiality, which enables the employer to provide an unbiased assessment of the applicant's abilities and attitude.  

PC Staffing uses an integrated computer software program that allows us to precisely evaluate each applicants skills.

We coordinate our placement operations with an integrated computer system which provides our staff with immediate access to data concerning all employees, applicants, and job offers.  This enables staff members to search our employee base and recognize candidates with the required skills for each employment order.

After the employee is on-site, a PC Staffing member will contact you to assess the employee's job performance.  We use your feedback to maintain standards of excellence and better meet future client needs.